At TONO Group we value the importance of designing and constructing high-performance, intelligently designed educational facilities that promote creative learning environments for students, faculty and community.

Our architectural and planning experience in developing higher education encompasses learning environments, activity, social and living spaces. With a midful need to plan for safety as well as inclusion, we believe thoughtfully planned architecture promotes community and engagements. Our placemaking strategies borrow from our diverse portfolio of commercial, hospitality and residential sectors to elevate educational spaces with lessons learned elsewhere.

As advocates for continuous improvement and life-long learning, we apply these ideals with each opportunity to create places for intellectual thought, experimentation and developmental growth. Contact us to discuss our team’s unique perspective and offerings.

I found working with TONO to be a stimulating experience. The architects at TONO are imaginative, creative people. They listen well, they understand the realities of finite resources, and they respond quickly to changes, circumstances, and emerging opportunities.

Dr. Stephen McDonald

Lebanon Valley College


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