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TONO Profiles: Drew Hohenwarter

WHO WE ARE. WHAT WE DO. HOW WE WORK. Get to know our Architect, Drew Hohenwarter! My name is Drew Hohenwarter I have worked at Tono Group since May 2021 It is my job to design buildings and work out the details. Something you’ll always find on my desk is My notebook and curated assortment Read More

Commercial Design Trends You Should Consider For Your Workplace

Workplace design trends are typically born from technological influence, financial shifts, or a desire to alter traditional styles. Some offices are hesitant to redesign or follow trends, though, because functionality is prioritized over aesthetics. Would that decision change if those uncertain individuals learned that they could have both advanced serviceability and beauty in their workspace?  Read More

The Benefits Of An Integrated Project Delivery

Seamless, leadership, trustworthiness, these are all words that describe what it is like to work with an architectural firm who is an advocate for an integrated project delivery approach. The key to this approach is finding a team that works so well together you barely noticed the project involved multiple partners to achieve the overall Read More

5 Things To Know About A Draw Construction Loan

As a lender, loaning money is your business, and ensuring that the draw payments are in line with construction progress is a key component to success of the project and reduction of risk. Construction Loans are unique type of loan in the world of banking and those that haven’t utilized one for their project typically Read More

Corporate Fitness Facilities Trends

In the corporate world, offering employee fitness facilities as part of a wellness program remains a trending programmatic request. Businesses and institutions desiring to keep and retain top talent as well as promote a healthy work environment continue to see value by building their own fitness areas. Now, more than ever, having the opportunity to Read More