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Virtual reality meets Architectural Visualization

Virtual reality is becoming the new standard for conceptualizing architectural projects. With the utilization of VR, architects use a computer generated simulation of a three dimensional structure, creating an immersive experience for their clients. Using rendering software, architects are able 3D model their design and deliver realistic 2D imagery that can be used to make Read More

The Role of Acoustics in Architecture for Medical Facilities

Attention to acoustics is a requirement for success in nearly all areas of architectural design. Effective sound design can help create the correct atmosphere, but if it is ignored during the design process, the resulting acoustics can become a massive hindrance. This is especially true in the architectural design of medical facilities. Noise at a Read More

Job Seeker Qualities Missing in the Design – Construction Industries

There is no denying the search for qualified employees has been challenging. Through what is now being labeled as “The Great Resignation,” we’ve recognized the design, and construction industries are not alone in this experience. Throughout the last year, nearly 33 million Americans quit their jobs because the work was ultimately not fulfilling their needs. Read More

The true meaning behind your construction project delays

With many industries returning to mostly normal operation following the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering why you are still seeing delays in your residential and commercial construction projects. In short, these setbacks are due to supply and transportation disruption, material cost escalation, and workforce absence. Each of these factors impacts the others and increases Read More

Commercial Design Trends You Should Consider For Your Workplace

Workplace design trends are typically born from technological influence, financial shifts, or a desire to alter traditional styles. Some offices are hesitant to redesign or follow trends, though, because functionality is prioritized over aesthetics. Would that decision change if those uncertain individuals learned that they could have both advanced serviceability and beauty in their workspace?  Read More