Interior Home Design Trends To Elevate Your Living Space


Interior home design hinges on a keen and specialized eye for emerging trends. Recently, the residential interior design trends that paved the portfolio of their respective years included biophilic design, bold black elements, and yes, shiplap. TONO Group’s collective of experienced, thoughtful professionals keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry — and are here to offer you their expertise to level-up your living space in 2024.

According to expert, Senior Interior Designer, Angelique Miller at TONO Group, interior home design trends should matter to the homeowner because each space within a home has the opportunity to significantly shape their life.  When it comes to design trends for the home, creativity knows no limits and innovation takes control. Interiors of the home become a canvas for self-expression and functional enhancement. When spaces are decorated with meaningful elements they only then begin to feel like a home.

10 Striking Interior Home Design Trends to Try in 2024 and Beyond

1. Gold, Gold, and More Gold

Whether “gold is forever” or not, it’s here to stay in 2024.

This coming year, look for variations of gold in several different applications — wallpaper, accent pieces, and furniture in hues of gold brighten a room. The touch of luxury that comes with an addition of gold not only elevates a space — it provides the perfect pairing color for a variety of other tones. 

  • Deep neutrals, like browns, greens, and tans, paired with gold create an earthy-luxe vibe.
  • Jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, and ruby paired with gold have a classic, upscale look.
  • Pastel colors like baby blue, light green, and pink paired with gold establish a feminine and dainty aesthetic.

If you’re not ready for gold walls or a gold velvet couch — infuse gold into the accent pieces you choose for a room. Because gold compliments nearly every color, gold-plated accents like lamps, vases, and frames can easily replicate the “luxury” appearance you’re going for at a smaller scale. Additionally, manufactures are now offering accessory hardware for cabinetry knobs and pulls in brushed brass or champagne gold tones.

Ford Residence

2. Minimal, Decorative Storage

With a deeper focus on minimalist living, hideaway offices and decorative storage have solidified a place in 2024 interior home design trends. 

As Millennials continue to gain buying power in the market, trends shift to compliment their wants and needs. A recently-conducted study found a clear link between minimalism and well-being among the Millennial population. Furthermore, the global shift to remote work has created the opportunity — and challenge — of creating home offices that inspire rather than drain productivity.

Both hideaway offices and decorative storage containers pull double duty — they’re functional and aesthetically pleasing. Decorative storage provides a particularly handy solution to those who want to pursue a minimalist lifestyle but have too many heirlooms or cherished items to part with.

Wooded Hill Estate (Residential) lounge and fire place

3. Minimaluxe

Building on the previously-mentioned trends, a design movement called minimaluxe has gained steam in the last few months and barrelled straight for 2024. Some experts even allege the trend will “make the decade.”

Minimaluxe prioritizes lightness in construction and design. It’s characterized by an aesthetic of curved, soft edges and light colors to enable what you love most to take center stage in a room. There’s contrast, but it’s subtle — like natural wood juxtaposing concrete in the den or stone countertops with soft edges in bathrooms and kitchens.

The “luxe” part of minimaluxe comes into play by putting what you love at the center of every room. Unlike strict minimalism, which seeks to establish a lack of things, minimaluxe places the one or two pieces (or abstract ideas) on center stage. Perhaps you have a vintage sewing machine that you want to show off in your receiving room, or a stunning couch that begs to envelop friends and family while you hold deep conversations. Whatever you love, minimaluxe provides the stage for it to thrive in your space.

Wooded Hill Estate (Residential) work space

4. Metallic Accents

“Contemporary” has become synonymous with “sustainable” in late 2023 and will persist into 2024. 

Aluminum accents, including light shades, chairs, and wall art, upcycle material to create sleek designs and stunning aesthetics. Aluminum lends itself to flexibility and uses its smooth appearance to contrast rougher, patterned pieces in the same room. The sustainable material — now more accessible than ever — also comes in a variety of colors to suit multiple styles and designs.

Along with aluminum lights are curtain trims — another design element that contributes to the contemporary accent trend. Contemporary curtain trims, especially hand-stitched, add a touch of flair to an otherwise boring room without being too “in your face.”

Machinists' Workshop (Residential) floor space

5. Upscale Outdoor Living

Outdoor living has gone from a fight with the elements and outdoor pests to a high-status past time. As such, TONO Group’s designers have seen a marked trend in homeowners upscaling outdoor living spaces with unique luxuries like al fresco bathing, lavish furniture, and well-equipped outdoor kitchens.

These projects focus on creating the best part of a home outside of the home. First, the goal of the homeowner dictates the space. If they want a place to spend summers and stay cool, the outdoor living areas make the pool the central attraction and provide accompaniments (like shelving for towels, an outdoor shower, lounge chairs, and tables) that level-up the function of the space. If the homeowner wants to cook and eat outside under a veranda or pergola, designers will take both the cooking equipment and seating situation into consideration. 

These designs move toward employing  diverse materials and textures like faux concrete, live-edge wood, and blackened steel for a truly innovative aesthetic.

Residential Home Portfolio

6. Earth Tones

Recall that gold is on the rise in 2024 — with earth tones right behind it.

Earth tones evoke senses of calm, coziness, and inclusivity; all of which suit rooms where you share meals, create memories, and unwind from a long day. While gold has a place in nearly every room of the house, designers have seen a recent rise in earth tone hues for dining rooms and bedrooms.

There’s versatility in decorating with earth tones, as well. It’s not just greens and tans — think dusty pink, light gray, and even sunny ochre.

Mod Lodge (Residential) lounge with fire place

7. Eco-friendly Materials

Interior home design trends for 2024 follow the values of current homebuyers closely — which is why sustainability and accessibility have become such big buzzwords in the interior design world.

Accessible, natural materials like wood, concrete, red earth ceramics, rattan, and cork flooring not only add warmth and comfort to a room — designers can sustainably source the materials. This affords both the homeowner and designer peace of mind that their creation not only looks great, but it’s great for the world around them, too.

Wood remains one of the most sustainable materials available in both construction and design. Cork, also very sustainable, having natural thermal properties that can keep rooms warm without underflooring.

Mod Lodge (Residential) kitchen

8. Textures That Make You Feel Something

The trend of using multiple textures on the interior and exterior of homes is rushing full force into 2024. Designers search out the perfect central material (like wood, brick, or siding) and then play around with different mediums and colors to find the right fit. 

Industrial-styled spaces may leverage concrete block walls with smooth tile, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Designers may pair deep red or brown siding with dark grays, ivories, and even stone to create a more dynamic curb appeal. Whatever the combination; it’s all about evoking a certain sense when you see or touch the designed space.

Mod Lodge (Residential) exterior front

9. Statement Pieces

When it comes to design, standalone statement pieces are apt to hold the design world in a tight grip through 2024. Larger pieces with unique shapes, vibrant colors or intricate molding with some that can pull “double duty” become both centerpiece and spacious storage unit.

Some examples of statement pieces include artwork, sculpture, drawer cabinets, geometric designs on living room storage solutions, matte black armoires with minimalist handles, and even tall, repurposed lockers for kids’ or game rooms.

Wooded Hill Estate dining room

10. Unique Carpets and Rugs

Explore the rising popularity of distinctive carpets and area rugs that are making a statement in numerous residential homes.  Homeowners are gaining more and more interest in specialty designs that give their otherwise simple floors a dynamic flair. 

Unique carpets may be sewn of luxury material or patterns, or may take up an entire room, transforming the space into a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. This is an easy way to elevate the aesthetic of your home.

Angelique Miller

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Identifying the interior home design trends you embrace is just the first part of updating your space. If you’re interested in discovering how to transform your space with one of the trends listed above, or design your dream home, contact us with your ideas. Our team of design and construction professionals would love to help you realize your next custom home project.

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