Advantages of A Turnkey Project Partnership


In today’s competitive business landscape, savvy companies are seeking ways to streamline their operations and deliver high-quality results efficiently as part of their business model. This approach has the opportunity to also translate to design projects allowing business executives greater efficiency when seeking to expand and improve their facilities through turnkey project partnerships. Business leaders gain the ability to focus on project plan initiatives and minimize time requirements; thus resulting in increased popularity with growing companies like West Shore Home by incorporating valued design partners.

A turnkey project partnership succeeds when a single source entity such as TONO Group takes full responsibility for the design, construction, and management of a commercial project, from start to finish. The advantages of a turnkey project partnership are beyond company efficiency, seamless communication, trust, and risk mitigation. Having a turnkey project partnership provides an advantage by having a team of experts available to support your business’s growing needs.

TONO Group designed, developed and furnished our 67,000 sq. ft. West Shore Home corporate office in Mechanicsburg. From start to finish, TONO Group was our partner. They were there from when we reviewed the building as a potential lease option, designed it, oversaw the build out, to when we were ready to furnish it. West Shore Home has transitioned to 100% partnering with TONO Group to help us complete the Architectural Design of new branches as we continue to aggressively thrive and expand our operations nationwide.

West Shore Home

Turnkey Project Partnership Benefits

Seamless Communication 

Effective communication is the foundation of any successful commercial project. One of the primary advantages of turnkey project partnerships is the seamless communication it facilitates. Unlike traditional project management approaches where multiple stakeholders are involved, turnkey partnerships offer a centralized point of contact for all project-related matters. This ensures that communication flows smoothly, without any loss of information or misinterpretation.

A turnkey project partnership like the one West Shore Home has with TONO Group, helps establish a single point of contact for them, streamlining the communication process. The client can directly liaise with a dedicated architect at TONO Group who oversees all aspects of the project. This eliminates the need for the client to coordinate with multiple vendors, contractors, and suppliers individually, saving valuable time and effort.

Kyle Solyak, AIA, Director of Architecture and Operations at TONO Group, serves as the lead architect and he describes his role with projects for West Shore Home as owners representation. Solyak provides guidance throughout the construction process and acts as a mediator, relaying information, addressing concerns, and providing regular updates, fostering transparency and trust between the client, the construction team, and TONO. 

A turnkey project partnership also enables efficient communication within the team. Since all project aspects are handled by a single firm, team members are aligned under one umbrella.

For example, Solyak and Angelique Miller, Director of Interiors at TONO Group, work closely together. Miller coordinates all of the Interiors by DECO selections and procurement for the accessories, artwork and furniture packages for clients like West Shore Home.

This eliminates silos, reduces conflicts, and encourages collaboration. With clear lines of communication, team members can easily exchange ideas, resolve issues promptly, and make informed decisions, ultimately leading to smoother project execution and timely completion.

Lastly, seamless communication in turnkey partnerships extends to external stakeholders as well. The lead architect serves as the main point of contact for subcontractors and suppliers. This streamlines the coordination of various parties involved in the project, minimizing delays and improving overall efficiency. The streamlined communication approach fosters a sense of accountability, enabling prompt responses to queries or issues, and ensures the project progresses with minimal hindrances.

It’s not uncommon for Solyak to fly to Dallas, Atlanta or Minneapolis and oversee the phases of work we’re doing there. They have been engaged now with all of our construction projects at some level of input and activity.

West Shore Home

Brand Friendly Design

Businesses understand the importance of creating a distinct and compelling brand identity to foster customer recognition. A strong and well-defined brand identity allows businesses to connect with their target audience on an emotional level, effectively communicate their value proposition, and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

It’s important to carry these objectives into a physical space as well. Turnkey project partnerships offer the advantage of the familiarity of the brand and connecting it with the design, allowing organizations to enhance their brand image through cohesive and consistent design elements.

Solyak says, “one of the key features of what we try to do in these offices is making sure the branding is clear and consistent across all of the West Shore Home facilities. So, essentially you can walk into any facility and know how it operates.” 

Turnkey partnerships provide businesses with the opportunity to easily align their physical spaces with their brand aesthetics. Miller says their design team at TONO Group works closely with the client to understand their brand values, target audience, and design preferences.

With this information, the team can create customized spaces that reflect the brand’s personality and vision. Whether it’s a retail store, a corporate office, or a restaurant, a brand-friendly design ensures that every element, from the color scheme to the layout, resonates with the brand identity, creating a cohesive brand experience for customers.

Turnkey project partnerships enable businesses to maintain consistency across multiple locations. For organizations with a chain of stores or offices, consistency in design and branding is crucial to establish a recognizable and trusted identity. By entrusting the entire project to a turnkey partner, businesses can ensure that each location adheres to the same design standards, maintaining brand integrity and creating a consistent brand experience for customers, regardless of the location they visit.

Solyak comments that TONO Group is 100% responsible for design, construction, and fit out for West Shore Home Pennsylvania locations. Whereas at the offices in Texas, Georgia, and Minnesota, TONO Group serves as the role architects, interior designers, decorators, and owner’s representatives. For some locations, TONO Group acts as an advisor to provide expert guidance. This allows the client to utilize materials and plans so there is continuity with each location across the US.

Furthermore, a brand-friendly design implemented through a turnkey partnership can lead to improved customer engagement and loyalty. A well-designed space that aligns with the brand’s identity creates a positive impression on customers and employees. It enhances their overall experience, making them more likely to connect with the brand and develop a meaningful relationship.

West Shore Home currently has 37 branches across 17 States and continues to grow. Our corporate offices are in Mechanicsburg and we have now expanded to Texas. Our company uses several facets of TONO Group for their assistance with these locations. As we’ve grown our footprint and we’ve matured in our processes, we now lean into TONO’s assistance with these construction jobs more than what we did in the past. They help us manage these construction jobs and in some cases help eliminate fees.

West Shore Home

Cost and Time Efficiency

Turnkey project partnerships offer significant cost and time efficiency advantages for businesses. By entrusting the entire project to a single entity, businesses can simplify their operations, reduce administrative tasks, and optimize resource allocation.

From a cost perspective, turnkey partnerships eliminate the need for businesses to individually contract and manage multiple vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors. The turnkey partner takes on the responsibility of sourcing and managing all necessary resources, ensuring competitive pricing and leveraging their network of trusted suppliers. This centralized approach often leads to cost savings through bulk purchasing, negotiation power, and efficient resource allocation.

Moreover, turnkey project partnerships can expedite project timelines. The turnkey partner, equipped with their expertise and experience, can effectively plan and execute the project, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity. With a well-defined project schedule and clear milestones, businesses can expect faster project completion, reducing the time-to-market for their products or services. This time efficiency is particularly advantageous in competitive industries where being first to market can provide a significant competitive edge.

The team found and signed a lease on a fully gutted building in February 2022. West Shore Home hired TONO Group to utilize their turnkey services and they began construction in March. We had a 172 person call center complete and ready to move in by the end of June. We phased the building completion based on the business needs, and TONO Group delivered it in world class time.

West Shore Home

Enhanced Accountability and Risk Mitigation

Turnkey project partnerships promote enhanced accountability by providing a single point of responsibility for the entire project lifecycle. By choosing a turnkey partner, businesses can transfer the project’s risks and responsibilities to a specialized entity. The turnkey partner assumes full accountability for the project’s success, from design and construction to implementation and post-project support. This accountability ensures that any challenges or issues that arise during the project are promptly addressed, mitigating risks and minimizing disruptions.

Turnkey project partnerships often come with built-in quality control measures. The turnkey partner is responsible for ensuring that all project components meet the required standards and specifications. They conduct regular inspections and quality checks at each stage of the project, adhering to industry best practices. This proactive approach to quality control reduces the likelihood of errors or defects, ensuring a high-quality end result.

Additionally, turnkey project partnerships offer businesses peace of mind through comprehensive contractual agreements. The partnership is typically governed by a legally binding contract that outlines the project scope, deliverables, timelines, and any applicable penalties or warranties. This contractual framework protects businesses’ interests and provides a clear framework for dispute resolution, further mitigating risks associated with the project.

TONO Group helped us design a standard design for what we call mid, medium sized branch and a large branch. So any market we enter, we already have a plug and play plan that we can give the builders and we know what the expected costs are.

West Shore Home

Turnkey Project Delivery Partnerships Enhance Your Bottom Line

Turnkey project partnerships provide organizations with several advantages, including seamless communication, brand-strengthening design, cost and time efficiency, enhanced accountability, and risk mitigation. By streamlining communication channels, businesses can ensure smooth collaboration and timely project updates.

Brand-focused design helps create cohesive and consistent brand experiences. Cost and time efficiency are achieved through centralized project management and optimized resource allocation. Enhanced accountability and risk mitigation result from the single point of responsibility offered by turnkey partnerships. These benefits make turnkey project partnerships a compelling choice for businesses seeking efficient and successful corporate project execution.

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