This month, four Juniors from Hempfield High School shadowed our team at our Lancaster office. With a goal to learn more about our family of companies and their respective industries, the students left with a better understanding of the careers available to them in design and construction.

We started the morning getting to know our guests, whose hobbies outside of school included an impressive and diverse mix of horseback riding, music, soccer, and video game design. After a brief introduction to TONO Group’s companies and a re-cap of our mission, the group took a tour of our self-developed property–including our office and Luca’s restaurant space–at 436 West James Street. Our Director of Architecture, Kyle, walked them through our own real-life example of adaptive-reuse, explaining the stages of successful project realization.

Kyle gives a tour of our office at 436 West James Street

From there, the students received an intro to building code from our Senior Project Manager, Tim. Tim then introduced them to our architectural designers, Colin and Monica, who gave them a quick rundown of AXP (the Architectural Experience Program), which is an essential step on the the path to becoming an architect. They discussed high school classes that would be complementary to an architecture major in college, what to do to get their project portfolios noticed, collegiate workload, collecting required hours of experience, and what to expect during licensure examinations.

They wrapped up their day with our Director of Interiors, Angelique, and our Director of Construction Operations, Travis. Angelique reviewed Interior Design education requirements and day-to-day duties in our interiors loft, while Travis gave them a look at PROTO Construction’s past work and explained how a variety of backgrounds and experience (including drafting and architecture) could prepare a person for a career in construction project management.

All in all, we were thrilled to host and help usher the next generation of designers and builders into the industry! We’re looking forward to another Hempfield Job Shadow session in January of 2020, which will focus specifically on Interior Design.

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