The Commons Company

Blighted and neglected for years, the existing physical plant included generations of haphazard appendages unsuitable for the early part of the previous century and somewhat nostalgic in nature, but highly inappropriate for contemporary functionality and realistic financial investment.


2015 Merit Award, Passenger Coffee Roasters (The Commons Company)
  • Project Type Manufacturing
  • Businesses Involved TONO, PROTO, DECO
  • Location Lancaster, PA
  • Projection 7,600 sq. ft.
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Our Approach

Borrowing from the industrial and mid-century modern architectural vocabulary of the 1966 section of the existing structure, the new and rehabilitated portions of the building exhibit similar fenestration patterns and structural forms.


Intent on re-establishing an appropriately-scaled, safe, and visually-pleasing streetscape along Marion Street, the planned improvements sensitively invite pedestrian and vehicular participation. With its low-scaled forecourt and attention to the ground plane, the edge conditions of the property create open vistas in a formerly constrained, dark, and unfriendly part of the block.

“Working with TONO and PROTO together was fantastic. I love how they heard me when I said I wanted to create a new space that really felt contemporary enough but fit in with the industrial feel. What he turned that sketch into was more than I could have ever asked for.”

Kyle Sollenberger
Co-founder, CEO, The Commons Company
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