Insight: Building a Legacy and Keeping it Real

It’s an exhilarating time to be questioning everything. From the way we live, to the way we work, to the general unfolding of global events – it’s clear that more than a few things need to be disrupted.

When we opened our doors in 2001 as TONO Architects, we did so in the spirit of autonomy. We were determined to reclaim the design process and create our own rules. Fast forward to 2016 and officially rebranded as TONO Group, we found ourselves in the midst of an incredible upswing in our growth. As a result, the momentum of that growth started to pull us in a direction that contradicted our original mission. TONO Group took a much-needed step back in 2017 to re-establish our goals and re-define what success meant to our team, to our community, to our legacy. Around this time last year, we took our own team down the path of questioning everything.

In the spirit of building legacy and keeping it real, click below for a Q&A with Hunter Johnson, CEO of TONO Group, on trusting your gut, taking risks, and challenges faced over the past year. Original feature published by Ashley Garcia, Marketing & Events Coordinator at The Lancaster Chamber.