Garber Metrology

Garber Metrology was designed to house the offices and laboratories of a growing specialized testing, calibration, and dimensioning company. At three stories and over 50,000 square feet, the mixed-use structure also houses conditioned self-storage facilities.


2011 Merit Award, Garber Metrology (Built) Jay Garber
  • Project Type Office
  • Businesses Involved TONO, DECO
  • Location Lititz, PA
  • Projection 53,440 sq. ft.
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Our Approach

The progressive mindset of its owner employs advanced design strategies such as optimized natural daylight, cool roof design, recreation and break facilities, super insulating, high-performance lighting, bio-retention rainwater planning, walking trails, and gardens.


The new facility possesses a plethora of innovative building technologies aimed to provide the highest levels of user comfort, long-term maintenance remediation, and ownership value.

“What you see here is my vision—but my ideas for Garber Metrology were one-dimensional. TONO was able to take that one-dimensional idea and concept and turn it into a three-dimensional reality.” 

-Jay Garber
CEO, Garber Metrology
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