Our Family of Companies

We are at our best when we work together. TONO Group is a turnkey services provider and an award-winning family of companies: RETRO Development, TONO Architects, PROTO Construction, and Interiors by DECO. These strategically combined businesses deliver better results by serving our clients throughout every phase of project completion. We use open collaboration, informed decision-making, and efficient streamlining to create meaningful places—there’s a team approach to everything we do.

RETRO comes from the word retrofit. RETRO self-develops those places and spaces within the fabric of a city where holes in the landscape exist because of neglect, decay, blight, or a devaluing process. RETRO rehabilitates existing infrastructure—thereby becoming a living, transformative example of smart growth and sustainability. As self-developers, our goal is to invest in the long-term success of a community and take personal responsibility for the places we create. At RETRO, we aspire to reimagine the forgotten, the abandoned, and the less flashy in exchange for a renewed purpose and a greater good.

TONO comes from the word autonomous. TONO Architects understands that every project possesses something intrinsically unique—be it tangible or intangible, visible or invisible. We notice the details and give our attention to the intricacies. Our goal is singular, purposeful, and sovereign. At TONO, we manifest meaning through the material world.

PROTO comes from the word prototype. PROTO Construction Management constructs a highly-specific, one-of-a-kind place for the autonomous individual. Our construction services include preconstruction, general contracting, design-build, and construction management. We are the model for the collaborative, seamless process—laying the framework in an efficient and integrated way. Our goal is to complete the architectural vision with the most accuracy, value, and control. At PROTO, we model a seamless design-build process and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the built world.

DECO comes from the word décor. Interiors by DECO is spun from the interior design talents of TONO Architects. We add all the finishing touches to enhance a place’s look and feel—selecting, procuring, and installing furniture, artwork, lighting, and décor. Our services are available for corporate, institutional, hospitality, and residential clients. At DECO, we create harmony that invites comfort, discovery, and exploration of your space down to the last detail.