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5 Things To Know About A Draw Construction Loan

As a lender, loaning money is your business, and ensuring that the draw payments are in line with construction progress is a key component to success of the project and reduction of risk. Construction Loans are unique type of loan in the world of banking and those that haven’t utilized one for their project typically Read More

Commonly Used Healthcare Acronyms in the COVID Pandemic

Each day there are seemingly new terms and discoveries in the world of our current pandemic lifestyle. Watching the latest broadcast with experts that are tirelessly helping our nation and the world combat a virus that threatens our lives and our livelihood we hear somewhat unfamiliar terms repeatedly used. But, what do they all mean? Read More

The Importance of Considering Sound in Architectural Design

According to sound artist and designer, Yuri Suzuki, people have become even more sensitive to noise disruption during the coronavirus pandemic. As more of us are spending time at home day-to-day, we’re becoming acutely aware of all of the potentially disruptive sounds that surround us–everything from the neighborhood dog barking, to the sound of the Read More

Designing for Sustainability Using LEED & Green Globes Certification Systems

In order to maintain environmental health for the long-term, the building industry has adopted a series of green building performance and certification systems. These systems rank and reward design projects that meet green standards and reduce the negative ecological impacts of development on our environment. The overall goals of the system provides a measurable guideline Read More

The Value of Design Partnership: TONO’s Ongoing Relationship with Virtua Health

Virtua Health is an award-winning comprehensive community health care system and Southern New Jersey’s largest healthcare provider. TONO Group first began working with Virtua in 2014, when our design team took on a project at their new medical office building in Medford, NJ. The Start of a Fruitful Collaboration In our early collaborative efforts, we Read More