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The Role of Acoustics in Architecture for Medical Facilities

Attention to acoustics is a requirement for success in nearly all areas of architectural design. Effective sound design can help create the correct atmosphere, but if it is ignored during the design process, the resulting acoustics can become a massive hindrance. This is especially true in the architectural design of medical facilities. Noise at a Read More

TONO Profiles: Matt Otricelli

My name is Matt Otricelli. I have worked at TONO Group since October 2021. It is my job to creatively solve problems and to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Something you’ll always find on my desk is a piece of a steel structural C-Channel that was once part of a field fabricated Read More

Job Seeker Qualities Missing in the Design – Construction Industries

There is no denying the search for qualified employees has been challenging. Through what is now being labeled as “The Great Resignation,” we’ve recognized the design, and construction industries are not alone in this experience. Throughout the last year, nearly 33 million Americans quit their jobs because the work was ultimately not fulfilling their needs. Read More

TONO Profiles: Chloe Chapman

My name is Chloe Chapman.   I have worked at TONO Group since May 2021.   It is my job to work with the architect to design and draw the construction drawings for our projects.   Something you’ll always find on my desk is all my sticky notes with my scribbled notes on them.   Read More

TONO Profiles: Drew Hohenwarter

WHO WE ARE. WHAT WE DO. HOW WE WORK. Get to know our Architect, Drew Hohenwarter! My name is Drew Hohenwarter I have worked at Tono Group since May 2021 It is my job to design buildings and work out the details. Something you’ll always find on my desk is My notebook and curated assortment Read More