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4 Steps Towards Simplifying Land Use Regulation

Traditional zoning requirements and approval processes are becoming less applicable now in a time when resources are more precious, uses are more mixed, and our collective expectations have changed regarding the quality of rural, suburban, and urban settings. But there are real steps we can take to improve land use regulation.

Understanding Building Code Change & Complexity

Regular changes to building code requirements have significantly altered the construction process, adding layers of complexity that may be difficult to interpret without the help of a licensed architect or municipal official.

The Exam Room Reimagined: Rethinking the Patient Experience

Progressive healthcare providers are seeking new and innovative ways to improve the patient experience. Read how TONO Group partnered with Virtua Health to redesign exam rooms to be more efficient and comfortable for both healthcare professionals and the patients they treat.

How to Build a Successful Integrated Project Delivery Team

The core of any Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process is the team of professionals behind it. With an early start, clearly defined roles, and varied industry knowledge, they can bring unparalleled value to the design-build process.

Integrated Project Delivery: A Planning & Construction Primer

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) produces optimal results by creating a team of capable professionals who work collaboratively to achieve the goals of any given project. Find out how you might benefit from investing in an integrated team.