TONO Profiles: Christy Weaver


Get to know our Director of Communications & Marketing, Christy Weaver!

Admin professionals day

My name is Christy Weaver.

I have worked at TONO Group since December of 2017.

It is my job to manage all marketing and communications efforts for TONO Group. My secondary role involves some office management tasks like answering the phone, ordering supplies, and coordinating work events.

Something you’ll always find on my desk is a glass of water (got to stay hydrated!) and our employee extension list. Even after almost two years of answering phones and redirecting calls at TONO, I can’t remember my co-workers’ direct extensions. Maybe it’s because I’ve always had the cheat sheet right in front of me…

Something I’ve learned from a co-worker is to stop apologizing! Acknowledge that you don’t know everything, but don’t say sorry for things that are out of your control or don’t fall within your realm of responsibility. And on the flip side, do take credit for your accomplishments—downplaying them could negatively affect your personal growth.

What’s one part of your daily routine that you’ll never change?

I love long walks. If I don’t take at least a 30-minute walk every day, I can feel my mood taking a massive nosedive. It’s amazing how refreshed you feel after being outside and doing some light exercise. Also, flossing! My teeth feel squeaky clean, and my dentist is nice to me now.

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A few outings that combined Christy’s love of long walks and history

What subjects did you most enjoy in school?

English and history were definitely my favorites in high school. I really enjoy writing and research, which was a big help in both subjects. In college at Temple University, I studied media and communications, and my favorite topics explored the impact of new technologies on interpersonal and mass communication. I remember a specific class that touched on virtual reality and augmented reality. At the time, those technologies were stilled being developed and didn’t have much mass market penetration. But I find it so interesting that in a few short years, VR and AR could seep their way into every facet of our lives: navigation, education, gaming, shopping, tourism, etc.

Name an achievement, inside or outside of work, that you’re proud of.

Since I started working at TONO, my marketing knowledge has grown tremendously. I’ve read so many blogs, watched countless tutorials, kept up with news and trends related to social media platforms and analytics, and educated myself on a variety of other topics related to digital communication. My achievement is using the power of the Internet to learn so much in a relatively small amount of time! Outside of work, I’ve played in a couple of co-ed volleyball leagues at Spooky Nook this year. In the spring, my team won 2nd place overall! My roommates and I just finished our fall league, ending with an appalling 0-8 record. Despite being one of the biggest losers this time around, I’m proud of the fact that I’m regularly playing my favorite sport.

volleyball team

Christy’s spring volleyball team, the night of their championship game

Name something on your bucket list that you’re dying to cross off.

Earlier this year, my parents went on a cruise in Alaska. While on one of their smaller boating excursions, they were lucky enough to see a pod of orcas surfacing right along the coast! That is my dream—to go whale watching and see so many up close. Witnessing this kind of thing would be incredible. I’ve always had this deep fascination with whales and dolphins because they’re smart, beautiful, and make the list of things I don’t see every day.