PROTO Construction Hires Brittany Mellinger

PROTO Construction hired Brittany Mellinger as their new Project Administrator. Learn more about her here.

What’s your background? What did you study in school?

For the past 5 years, I worked at a non-profit in Philadelphia and ran a program for individuals experiencing housing insecurity. During that time, I got my master’s degree in Public Health from Temple University—focusing on mental health and community-based programs that support health holistically. While construction management is a new field for me,  I bring a passion for making systems work well—no matter what the end product is.

What is your new title? What are some of your responsibilities?

My title is Project Administrator.  I will be assisting the team in making sure the administrative aspects of PROTO’s projects run smoothly and everyone who visits PROTO is greeted with a smile.

How did you hear about PROTO Construction?

I recently moved to Lancaster County to be closer to family and found PROTO Construction through a staffing agency. After working in a temporary capacity at PROTO for several months, I decided I liked the team so much that I wanted to join full time!

Tell us two things most people would be surprised to know about you.

In 2016, I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, traveling from Georgia to Maine.

I lived at the foot of an active volcano for several months while learning organic farming techniques in Ecuador. Thankfully, there were only rumblings and no explosions while I was there.

What’s your ideal way to spend the weekend?

If I can’t be outside enjoying the outdoors, then backpacking, camping, skiing, kayaking, or gardening. I can usually be found curled up with my cat and a book in front of my fireplace.

What do you like most about the culture here at TONO Group?

TONO Group feels like a family. I like how everyone brings their own personalities into their work and has a good time in the office.

Name three things you couldn’t get through the day without.

Can I answer coffee for all three?  Seriously, I would say a mug of hot coffee, a good book, and a comfortable pair of hiking boots.