Behind the Scenes on the RELO Photo Shoot

The RELO Real Estate website is coming soon!

Last week we spent time capturing lifestyle images for the brand new RELO website. Thanks to our models Jena (and Rosie!) and photographer Jenny Foster.

Our goal was to express, in a visual language, how we better connect people to place. Rather than showcase empty spaces, we wanted to capture the character and personality of people who have created their own meaningful places.

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RELO is a life-cycle brokerage. Adaptive to the needs of clients, real estate is no longer just buying and selling—it’s evolved! Unlike other real estate companies, RELO has the capacity to help any client buy, sell, develop, design, build, renovate, furnish, and stage their residential or commercial property—thanks to its unique relationship to TONO Group’s family of companies.

As an active and engaged resource for everyday living, RELO connects clients to the right relationships at the right time. Whether that’s an architect, builder, designer, or developer—as each client’s needs change, RELO is there to help align the property’s potential with the individual’s priority.

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