Welcome Our New Office Manager

Aggi Clark, of Lancaster, has joined TONO Group as our Office Manager. She handles accounts payable and accounts receivable as well as the day-to-day administration for RELO Real Estate, RETRO Development, and TONO Architects.

Clark is a graduate of Indian River State College and holds a B.S. in Business Administration as well as a background in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University. She also spent a decade working for the state attorney’s office as a legal secretary in Fort Pierce, Florida, prior to moving to Lancaster in 2009.

Get to know more about her!

     1.  What is your perfect Saturday?


“It’s a day I get to sleep in—but not too late—and eat dippy eggs and toast. Then I’d spend the morning cleaning to make sure everything in my house is perfect so I can enjoy my afternoon. The day would be 72 degrees, with low humidity, and I’d do a 10-mile bike ride from E-town to Mt. Gretna and then have lunch at The Hide-A-Way.”

      2.  What do you like to do in Downtown Lancaster?


“First Friday is my favorite thing about Lancaster. I love going to all the shops and galleries. It’s amazing in the summer because there are several rooftop bars—like Tellus. I love to go down King Street and have drinks and appetizers at each restaurant.”

      3.  What skills do you bring to the team?


“Aside from my organizational skills, I always have good candy in my office. [This is true.] I think that one of the best skills that I possess is a unique perspective. This company has grown tremendously over the last few years and an infusion of different personalities helps build a stronger team.”

       4.  What is your biggest pet peeve?



       5.  What’s your favorite thing about working here?


“I enjoy coming to work early when it’s quiet and no one’s here yet. I also have a little mantra that helps me do good work: ‘If a job is once begun/Never leave it ‘til it’s done/Be the labor great or small/Do it well or not at all.’”

       6.  Describe your family.


“I have three amazing daughters who I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world and a 6-pound Toy Fox Terrier who thinks she’s the princess of my house.”

Don’t worry, Amy Brunner is still here. She’s now the Director of Operations with Interiors by DECO.


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