RELO Real Estate: Dwell in Possibility

For fifteen years TONO Group has endeavored to have the greatest-good impact on the built environment. We’ve developed a family of companies that work together, complement each other, and unify a fragmented industry. We’re finally ready to launch the final piece of the autonomous puzzle—the missing link, if you will.

TON-1007 Final ArtRELO comes from the word relocate. RELO Real Estate is an evolved full-service life cycle brokerage that adapts to the ever-changing stages of life and landscape. We believe real estate has the capacity to maximize a property’s potential—to change, refine, and better connect people to places at each metamorphic milestone.

Ready to buy, sell, or lease? We can also help you develop, design, build, remodel, renovate, and stage. RELO is evolved real estate—a life cycle brokerage that extends the limits of how we live and move and have our being. Real estate is no longer tied to chance and happenstance of market conditions; it’s now free to Dwell in Possibility—and so are you.


Examples of what RELO can do:

  • Buy a property
    • and help you reimagine how you can renovate it to fit your needs now and in the future
    • and connect you to our family of companies that can make those changes happen
    • and continue to help adapt the building to meet your ever-changing needs over time
  • Sell a property
    • and help you stage your property to sell it faster
    • and suggest renovations which will get a higher selling price and best return on investment
    • and have the capacity to make those changes
    • and listen to what you dislike and have the ability to adapt to the buyer
  • Stage a property
    • and assist you in design work and furniture, fixtures, and accessories selections
  • Renovate a property  
    • and listen to what you like/dislike and facilitate redesign
  • Develop a property  
    • and help you create the kind of space you want to have
  • Select a site
    • and connect you with resources to choose the best location for your investment, home, or business

RELO’s ability as wayfinders is guided by its unique relationship with TONO Group’s family of businesses: RETRO Development, TONO Architects, PROTO Construction, and Interiors by DECO. With fewer boundaries between the develop/design/ build collective, our agents work smarter to help clients recognize, reimagine, and reach each property’s fullest capability. Together we can achieve more.